"Blood Money" 

Corporations want to get paid and they dont care who bleeds 
Thats why my sneakers are made by children over seas 
And their hourly wage is not enough to eat, 
but companies get away because no one oversees. 
man It’s about the G’s, better get em 
Because I’ve seen the poor get ignored by the system. 
But in reality I see the poor are the Victims 
of this cannibal animal called capitalism. 
Wheres the lack of division between the haves and the have-nots? 
Chance to advance but they plan so you can not. 
Get the jail route if you caught with that crack rock 
get a bail out.... If your crimes are from bad stocks. 
Cant stop trying to find answers 
how can they deny coverage when they find cancer. 
Tax breaks for the rich while the poor trying to by Pampers. 
You cant prepare for the life after with your Blood Money. 


Wall Street ruins lives for that Blood Money 
In Iraq shoulders dying for that Blood Money 

Politicians committing crimes for that Blood Money 
Fox News telling lies for that Blood Money 

We ignoring human rights for that Blood Money 
The environment sacrificed for that Blood Money 

We all going to pay the price for that Blood Money 
Thats what they want from me 

Verse #2 

The Planet gets warmer cuz you filling up your Humvee 
the cash from countries were kids going hungry. 
Drug war in Mexico is getting kind of ugly 
and we support it every time we buy a bag and puff trees. 
You must see the terrorist that want to bomb you 
get there money off the drugs you put in your nostrils. 
And I support that Julian Assange dude 
he showed us who we killing when we bring them bombs through! 
Do what I’ve got to, I’m just tryna survive shopping that gross product from off of I-95 
Because thats how we was brought up, how we was taught to survive 
knowing we going to get caught up and locked up for our crimes 
i’m from where the greed breed hopelessness 
Politicians on the TV they dont think we notice it. 
Give me a week of them Wall Street bounces 
I’ll take it to the streets and feed homeless kids off of this BLOOD MONEY 

Brandon Carter Occupy Wall Street Music

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